Former SWEP Envirolution Club President receives Goldman Tahoe Scholarship

Former SWEP Envirolution Club President, Katrin Larusson, recently received the Goldman Tahoe Scholarship from UC Davis. The Goldman Tahoe Scholarship is awarded annually to a high school Junior or Senior from the greater Lake Tahoe area that has displayed an active interest in environmental studies, environmental issues, conservation and protection of Lake Tahoe. Here is a little about Katrin:

Katrin Larusson is an exceptional student. She has been a strong, consistent and by far the hardest-working member of my club (Envirolution) for four solid years! While holding a GPA and juggling a demanding nordic ski racing schedule. In this time she has devoted numerous hours to educating herself at annual environmental conferences. She has also devoted at least 20 hours to running workshops teaching/mentoring other high school students about environmental issues and advocacy at Conferences such as Bioneers and the National Service Learning Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
Katrin has been a leader with our Trashion show assemblies that tour local schools with messages about recycling, energy conservation as well as important topics such as native species and lake clarity. We average 13 school shows a year, with many follow up school visits. These shows and preparation took over 56 hours, per year, of volunteer work on Katrin’s behalf!

Katrin has also been a leader with volunteering at Truckee River Day fish releases, mentoring with macro-invertebrate lessons, assisting at many field day lessons on native fish and lake clarity. As well as assisting the Town of Truckee with the plastic bag ban and the list goes on and on…Katrin is a well rounded environmentalist, that walks the talk!

Finally, Katrin played a key role in the creation of TBWES or Tahoe Basin Watershed Education Summit. A new program entering it’s second year which trains high schoolers from around the basin to collect critical data from Blackwood Creek canyon for the forest service contributing directly to Lake Tahoe water clarity. TBWES also opens a high schooler’s view to potential environmental majors in college. Katrin’s contribution played a big role in the success of this program getting o! the ground!

What is most remarkable about the time and energy Katrin has put towards all her environmental work with the Envirolution club activities, is that she has done it all on her own. She attended Truckee High School her freshman year, then transferred to Sugar Bowl Academy her Sophomore year (on a nordic racing scholarship), but still stayed devoted to the club, which took extra effort and dedication (since she was no longer at the school site where the club met regularly).

Katrin is a world class nordic skier, an avid hiker, runner and lover of our beautiful basin and all that it has to offer. She has already proven her dedication to preserving and advocating for our creeks, lakes, macro-invertebrates and native species.

Congratulations Katrin!!

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