Wonders of Water in the Tahoe Daily Tribune

Please take a look at the article in this week’s Tahoe Daily Tribune highlighting SWEP’s Wonders of Watershed’s project. A special thanks to our volunteer Terrie Hansen for writing the article and promoting the work that SWEP does.


This fall, 378 Kings Beach Elementary (KBE) School students participated in the Sierra Watershed Educational Partnership (SWEP) Wonders of Watersheds program.

Wonders of Watersheds is a unique program that combines environmental science with service learning. Fifteen kindergarten through fourth-grade classes were engaged in the two-part program.

Part one gave them watershed themed, grade-level science lessons exploring issues impacting the Lake Tahoe watershed.

group planting

Part two involved hands-on service projects focused on improving the health of our watershed. “The goal is to promote environmental stewardship by providing local students with an understanding of our watershed and opportunities to play a role in protecting it,” said SWEP Program Director Ashley Phillips. “I really want to thank the KBE Parent Teacher Organization for sponsoring this program, and the great partners and volunteers who gave their time and expertise to make this project so successful.”

Protecting Tahoe’s watershed is fundamental to the beauty and health of our environment.

Phillips and SWEP excel at connecting students and their families with the tools and encouragement they need to play this vital role.

“This is fun!” said one fourth-grader.

“We’re helping!” said a group of second-graders working hard to remove an invasive weed.

SWEP is a community based organization started in 1994 and dedicated to incorporating environmental science lessons, outdoor field studies and ecological restoration projects into the curriculum of our local schools.


Join a Volunteer Orientation event on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 5:30-7:30 p.m., in the board room at Truckee Donner Public Utility District, 11570 Donner Pass Road, Truckee to see how you may get involved.

RSVP to Ashley Phillips, SWEP project director, at ashley@4swep.org or call 530-208-6154.

You can also learn more about SWEP programs at http://www.4swep.org.

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