Winter Discovery

Winter Discovery Center

Winter Discovery Center

SWEP collaborates with the Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association (TCCSEA) to offer the Winter Discovery Program at the base of the Tahoe Cross Country Center just outside of Tahoe City. The Winter Discovery Program is an official SnowSchool site that works with local schools to provide winter ecology field trips that combine science explorations with cross country skiing. 3rd through 5th grade classes are encouraged to participate two to three times throughout the winter season. Partners: Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association  Supporters: Clyde & Gail Batavia, and Alpenglow Sports.

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Teachers:  Join our Snowpack Prediction Contest!!

This contest offers an easy way for your students to connect to nature through snow, while making hypotheses, analyzing historical snowpack data, engaging in real world mathematics, drawing conclusions and leaning more about the expanding and exciting field of snow science!  It is easy to participate….and your class could win a pizza party!!!

Here is what you need to know and do:

  • Check out our very own Snowpack Predicition Contest Website.  Here, you and your students can learn about how snowpack is monitored and measured by watching videos and analyzing current and historical snowpackdata provided by Natural Resources Conservation Service’s SNOTEL sites.  It is all laid out in an easy to read and interactive format. 
  • Work with your students to develop a prediction for the greatest snow depth measurement and the greatest snow/water equivalent measurement during the course of the entire winter at the “Tahoe City Cross” SNOTEL site.  Your prediction will be two numbers (snow depth and water equivalency) in inches.  Example: Prediction for Ms. Smith’s Class- 50 inch snow depth, 14.1 inch snow/water equivalent
  • Send your prediction to SWEP ( by Friday, February 15th (last day before Ski/Skate Week).  All predictions must be sent by this date!  Once received, the website will be updated with your class’ prediction.
  • Keep checking the website to see other classes’ predictions and monitor the actual snowpack data! 
  • The class with the closest prediction wins!!  Winners will be announced the week prior to Spring Break (April 1-5th) & I will coordinate date for pizza party with the teacher of the winning class!!

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