DSC_0148Name of outfit: Green Masters Message: Water Conservation

Materials: Astroturf

Jackson and our club’s 2 cute caddies, Katrin & Becca to represent important steps towards becoming a true “GREEN MASTER”

If there is just one thing you take home from today’s Trashion show, it is that THAT YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!! AND THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!!

• Plant Native
• Refrain from fertilizer use

DSC_0105Name of outfit: Hedge of Glory

Message: Plant native plants to conserve water

Materials: Pine cone pieces & moss attached to paper mache’

Automatic dishwasher detergents with phosphates have handled a lot of dirty plates over the years, but new laws aimed at making the soaps easier on the environment are putting that to an end…..and the industry hasn’t been this agitated in years.But that isn’t the only thing agitated!!!!


Name of outfit: RESPECT

Message: Water Quality/Phase out phosphates in dish soap

Materials: Dish washing gloves

Automatic dishwasher detergents with phosphates have handled a lot of dirty plates over the years, but new laws aimed at making the soaps easier on the environment are putting that to an end…..and the industry hasn’t been this agitated in years. But that isn’t the only thing agitated!!!! 

  • Annika’s frilly number we call “The Clean Water Program” is begging for some RESPECT:
  • only rain should go down the storm drain!
  • Wash your car only at car washing facilities
  • Keep your car leak-freePaint without pollution, always rinse paint brushes in your sink!

DSC_0410Name of outfit: Don’t Trash California

Message: Water Conservation

Materials: Plastic, envirotough and water conservation nozzles

Commentary sample:

This HOT duo is bringing you an important message in true “007” style!

Alex and Allene want to convey a message of WATER CONSERVATION!

  • Did you know that the avg.  household uses up to 3 times more water in the summer watering their lawns?
  • Use water conserving nozzles such as these and plant native plants to conserve water use!

So, before our oil wars turn into water wars….arm yourself in true “007” style!!!

DSC_0421Name of outfit: Fishy

Message: Native Fish Species

Materials: Native Fish Posters

This outfit created and modeled by Taysa is in celebration of our native Trout …the Lahontan Cutthroat.

The posters were donated by The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, also known as (TERC) , which is dedicated to: research, education and public outreach on lakes and our surrounding watersheds

Did you know that there are bass, catfish and even goldfish swimming…and surviving in our lakes?

We encourage you to visit the UCDavis TERC center for an educational tour of Lake clarity & Aquatic invasive species and more!

Speaking of fish tours…our club recently assisted the Kidzone with creating schools of fish all made out of water bottles…these fish are swimming around to educate all visitors about potential plastic in our waterways! Please go visit the new “Starship Enterprise” opening soon at Kidzone in Truckee!

DSC_0427Name of outfit: Sustainably Sassy

Message: Watersheds & alternative transportation

Materials: Paper Mache and bike tire

Makaiah’s outfit we call “Sustainably Sassy” represents what happens naturally in nature. 

In our beautiful Sierra Mtn. Range we are fortunate to have many watersheds that naturally help filter & clean our melting snow (which has been quite abundant this year). Makaiah’s outfit encourages you to ride your bike, because cars and road dust are contributors to our diminishing lake clarity

DSC_0451Name of outfit: Keep Tahoe Blue

Message: Water Clarity

Materials: League to Save Lake Tahoe

This local themed outfit, we call “Keep Tahoe Blue”, modeled today by Julia, is in celebration of protecting our watersheds. Hey Ya! This is a fact worth celebrating, we aim to keep working hard at keeping our waterways clear & blue for generations to come!

Speaking of watersheds….This project, show and our club is made possible because of SWEP (Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships) as are many other k_12 watershed education projects in our region.

DSC_1023Skiers can you say B-M-P?

Skiing represents much that is good about the outdoors: clean air, tall forests, incredible
views, and lots of fun. But some other things that are completely out of the view of the skiing public also affect water quality, fish habitat, and even water quantity.

As erosion control professionals continue to share the results of their research, ski areas and other property owners will be able to incorporate their findings to help restore the natural functions of the Lake Tahoe watershed.

Skiers…educate yourself on BMP’s (Better Management Practices) and make sure the resort you support supports our local wildlife, watersheds and streams with true Better Management Practices!

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